What does the acronym AK PLAST s.r.o. stand for?

 =  active approach

  We approach our customers, fulfilment of their wishes and requirements, assigned tasks and solution of possible problems in a proactive manner.

 = quality products

  We offer only top quality and certified products with high added value from leading European manufacturers, while maintaining favourable selling prices.

 = professionalism

  We are a truly professional partner and supplier of plastics with tradition and experience in the business from 1995, and we guarantee professional and qualified service based on the skills of the whole team.

 =  loyalty

  We are a loyal and reliable partner for both our customers and suppliers, we strive to create sustainable, mutually beneficial business relations.

 = ambitions and development

  We are an ambitious company, with a long-term vision of future development and support for the growth of our customers.

 = satisfied customer

  Our priority – to which all the functions and activities are subordinated.

 = transparent partner

  We are a transparent partner in our industry, for both our customers and suppliers; we play fair, according to clear rules.

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Po - Pá / 07:00 - 15:30 h

602 387 649

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Proč AK Plast ?

  • A
    = aktivní přístup
  • K
    = kvalitní produkty
  • P
    = profesionalita
  • L
    = loajalita
  • A
    = ambice a rozvoj
  • S
    = spokojený zákazník
  • T
    = transparentní partner
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