Plastics for home+garden

Our range of plastics for building works and home+garden indoor and outdoor aplications presents a wide offer of useful plastic products for construction projects, house applications, garden and DIY purposes, such as boards for wood-plastic terraces, fences made from WPC, plastic gutters and eaves, plastic sewerage shafts, catchers and grilles for eaves, multiwall polycarbonate for terrace roofing, plastic roofing trapeses, small  canopies over entrance doors, garden plastic kerbs for garden beds, resistant signs to mark your garden beds or plastic fittings and ball valves from PVC-U, suitable e.g. in swimming pool piping. You can order all the products directly and comfortably. We will also arrange assembly of wood-plastic terraces and fences on request (provided only in Czech Republic).

Our offer further includes plastic sheets for the manufacture of swimming pools and pits, boards for children playgrounds, boards for skating rinks and cushions, transparent glazing sheets, various plastic base, panelling and protective bars and boards, finished segments, components and products delivered according to your specifications. In case you are interested in our individualized produce please contact us.

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