Plastics for advertising

Coming from the creative world of advertisers and promotion agencies? Using plastics in your work? Then you have found the right address!

We offer a very wide range of plastic sheets, rods, profiles, bars and other parts for various advertising applications. With our plastics you will be able to produce fast and efficiently high quality billboards, displays, signboards, guidance systems, trade fair kiosks, window dressing, original building interior or exterior, shops, public spaces, TV studios, promotional items, merchandise and anything else you may think of. Sky is the limit of your creative power!

Brief overview of our offer for advertising business

  • Sheets from foam PVC Komaprint, Komatex,
    Komacel, white, coloured
  • Sheets from hard PVC Komadur, Trovidur,
    Medur, white, coloured
  • Sheets from foam PP laminaeX, light grey
  • Sheets with nubbed structure PP Komalite, white
  • Composite sandwich sheets Al-PE-Al KomaAlu (Dibond, Alucobond), white, coloured
  • sheets HIPS VSG, white, coloured
  • Solid sheets from PC transparent, opal, smoke
  • Multiwall sheets from PC transparent, opal, smoke
  • Sheets from PMMA Plexiglas, acryl xt, transparent, coloured,
    satin, opal, smoke
  • Solid rods/bars from PMMA transparent, round or square
  • Tubes from PMMA transparent, up to d=250 mm
  • Hinge profiles from PMMA - specialty!
  • Standard profiles from PVC-U square, rectangular tubes, profiles U, L, H, I
  • Profiles for sheets PVC edging U, connecting H, corner 90
  • Clamping rails from PVC, self-locking profiles for poster edging
  • Coloured rods PVC-U, also extra colours: blue, green, yellow, red

Our offer for processing of plastics for advertising purposes also includes:

  • Manual scrapers and deburring tools
  • Hot-air welding guns for plastics and tarps
  • Automatic welding machines for tarps and banners
  • Desk bending machines for plastic sheets

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